Our vision: A world where every child has a healthy upbringing!

Our mission: To create a sustainable care giving community to families with special needs children through  daycare services, community engagement and educational initiatives.


In our day center, children with disabilities receive a comprehensive range of meals and care.

Occupational and Physical Therapy

The occupational and physical therapy team creates an individual treatment plan for each child .

Raising awareness

Awareness of our work is promoted through information events and street social work.

Born out of the desire to fight injustice, initiated by concerned parents, implemented with private commitment and direct funding - that's what makes the Child Destiny Foundation!

With the establishment of the day care and therapy center, as well as support with food, we have taken the first step towards improving the living conditions of children with disabilities and their mothers in the Kibera slum. But our work is far from over. Our goal is a world where every child has a healthy upbringing.

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With every piece of jewelery sold, you support our work for children with disabilities in Nairobi, Kenya.
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