Living with a disability can be challenging anywhere in the world, unfortunately people with a physical or mental disability face even more challenges in Africa than in this country. Children with disabilities and their families are particularly affected by these challenges. It is difficult for us to imagine what this reality and its obstacles look like...

Lack of accessibility to education:

In many African countries there is still a significant lack of accessible educational institutions. Children with disabilities often have difficulties accessing quality education, which in turn severely limits their chances for a successful future.

Healthcare Challenges:

Health care in many African countries is limited, especially in remote areas. This poses difficulties for children with disabilities and their families when it comes to medical care, therapy measures and supportive aids.

Stigma and social exclusion:

In some African communities, residents still view disability as a curse or punishment. Affected children and their families are often stigmatized and experience social exclusion.

Support systems and success stories:

Despite all these challenges, there are also many inspiring success stories from children with disabilities and their families in Africa. Who have managed to reach their full potential despite all these hurdles - alone or with support systems like the Child Destiny Foundation.

The way forward:

Living with a disability in Africa presents unique challenges for children and their families: from lack of access to accessible education and healthcare to stigma and social exclusion. Nonetheless, there is hope and progress that shows that a more inclusive and supportive society for people with disabilities is possible in Africa.

The Child Destiny Foundation is a non-profit organization that takes on exactly these challenges. We are committed to improving the lives of children with disabilities in Africa and providing them with equal opportunities.

In addition, we are committed to providing access to quality health services for children with disabilities. We work with local health facilities to ensure medical care, therapies and tools are available. We also help families deal with the financial burden of treating and caring for children with disabilities.

Another focus of ours is the promotion of social integration and the reduction of stigmatization. We are committed to raising awareness in society of the rights and abilities of people with disabilities. This is done through awareness campaigns, events and activities to break down prejudice and promote an inclusive society.

We seek to have a positive impact on the lives of children with disabilities in Africa and create a platform for these children to pursue their dreams and develop their talents. If you would also like to support us in our work, we would be happy to receive your donation, which you can also deduct from taxes.

Together we can help ensure that children with disabilities have equal opportunities and a hopeful future, so that they can develop their full potential and lead a fulfilling life.